Casa Decor 2018

Berker Manufaktur

The project and design of the entire space is influenced by the avant-garde aesthetics of the 60s, when the main role was played by geometric shapes combined with a range of materials with the aim of attracting the viewer. The walls are structural - a flat element suddenly becomes a three-dimensional element.

The mixture of textures and reliefs creates a play of light and shadow that completes the space and gives it considerable dynamism, similar to the architecture of the Bauhaus association, which inspired the architectural rationalism of Mies van der Rohe. The latter shows a certain idea of simple geometric shapes with orthogonal criteria, great use of colors and materials.

The 1960s was undoubtedly the most transgressive decade of the twentieth century in terms of design. The goal of the designer was to "travel back in time" and create a space where luxury and Hollywood magic of the time would be combined.