Heart of the Home

A new colour and layout creation of a family home in Berlin Charlottenburg

The creation of a comfortable heart for this family home in Berlin’s Chalottenburg saw the rearranging of the existing layout; designing and installing a custom kitchen and transforming the surrounding apartment ; including a new colour language from room to room.

The custom kitchen satisfies the requirements of modern day family living; as well as combining the functionality needed for the liveliest part of the home with a pleasant and beautiful environment to live in. Combining a – at times unconventional – range of materials; such as wire glass with brass, introduced an element of understated luxury that translated through the colour range; from bolder hues beside softer shades.

This project shows design novelties such as wall lamps 2 Cones and Disc and Sphere, both by Atelier Areti and Berker 1930 Series. 


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