More and more people are following the trend of not following a trend.

For these people, there is Berker by Hager MANUFAKTUR. The MANUFAKTUR provides users individuality on a superior level. Lifestyle materials such as leather, stylish design in slate, concrete or marble look, solid elegance with wood elements or gold anodised metal makes our switches utterly unique. A surprising range of professional paints make your products even more individual in colour and feel. Each product can be printed and labelled individually. Printing monochrome and colour printing lasering in shades of grey makes your creation absolutely unique.

As with the personal dream car you can select from a wide range of exclusive materialsfor the seat covers – pardon: frames – to the colour of the cover or central plate according to your personal taste. Simply select the desired model and Berker will exclusively handcraft a real individual product according to your request! Finally with your personal engraving the creation becomes really unique.

Berker also often design items together with architects and planners for a very particular property or for a special project.

Start your own MANUFAKTUR now!