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HEXO, DOCUS, RAY, and BOX are impressively simple, but are also brimming with character. Regardless of whether you choose the round, square, soft, or hexagonal design: These luminaires will always put a smile on your face. Why? Because they fit perfectly into any environment. And not just in terms of their shape, but also with regard to their application and colour. As surface-mounted, wall, or suspended luminaires – whatever you prefer. In gold, black, white, bronze, aluminium, and now in copper too – the choice is yours. All of these luminaires are also available in various LED light colours ranging from 2200 K to 3000 K. This allows you to plan every room in your hotel in the same style, highlight architectural concepts, or create the perfect ambience at home.

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  • Materials Hliník - lakovaný


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  • Barvy Bílá
  • Barvy Bronzová
  • Barvy Černá
  • Barvy Měděná
  • Barvy Stříbrná

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